Spring Day up to 1000!

The Spring Day community is growing day by day, with more and more schools joining the Spring Day initiative under the 2010 umbrella theme of “European Citizenship and Fundamental Rights”.

On March 10 the Radu cel Mare school in Targoviste, Romania, which has 507 students between the ages of 7 and 14, was the 1000th school to register in the campaign. Romania is traditionally one of the most enthusiastic countries in its celebration of Europe.

Constanta Nitescu, teacher at Radu cel Mare school, tell us the reasons to join the campaign. “Participating in this project, we want students to understand that we live in a great European family and that we must work together for preserving and promoting European cultures and values. We are particularly interested in the theme of this year – European Citizenship and fundamental rights – and we want our students to express their opinions on that”. She also recommends the project to other teachers “because its activities are interesting and attractive, and they promote the spirit of competition, as well cooperation among students".

With Spring Day, schools are free to dedicate as many days as they want to organise a special event, demonstrating their own way of celebrating Europe. This year, the first 1000 schools to register for an event will receive a wonderful kit, including a special map, guidelines and gadgets to make their event a great success. With “Back to School”, Spring Day facilitates debates all around Europe: contact the Spring Day team to find a guest that you can invite to visit your school. The portal will soon feature an online platform helping teachers to get in touch with potential guests. As from March 22, you will also be able to participate in activities and competitions via the website.

Join Spring Day and bring Europe to your classroom!