Spanish officials go back to school

Under the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, running from January to the end of June, Spain has been celebrating a spring season of dialogue with young Europeans, joining the “Back to School” action.

Around 30 April, Spanish school centres in all regions opened their doors to special guests and fruitful discussions. 300 Spanish officials paid a visit to their former school centre or to another one. The guests discussed current topics of special interest to the students, such as the Lisbon Treaty and the mobility programmes on offer for young people.

Among the many participants, Jose Carbajales– internal auditor of the Directorate General for Research – went back to his former school, Calderón de la Barca Institute in Gijon. Talking about the work of the European Union and answering students’ questions, he gave students a first-hand experience of collaborative working at European level. Carbajal described the visit as a “rewarding experience” that he is keen to repeat soon.

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