Back to school in Portugal: Civil society and Erasmus on the spot

On 7 June, Carlos Pereira Martins, member of European and Social Economic Committee (EESC), visited the D. Filipa de Lencastre school, in Lisbon, Portugal.

As sharing his views with young students has proved to be a great experience in the previous years, again in 2010 Mr Martins decided to go “Back to School” with Spring Day. He visited one of the largest Lisbon schools, counting around 800 pupils.
The guest spoke about the EU institutions and the different tasks carried out by each of them. He mentioned the special role of the EESC, in relation to the increasing importance of civil society and social movements.

The event was also attended by a former student of the school, who talked about his mobility experience as an “Erasmus” student. The EU Lifelong learning programme “Erasmus” had contributed to his professional and personal development, said the student, recommending the training experience to his younger colleagues.