2000 schools are now registered in Spring Day for Europe!

On 22 March, Şcoala cu clasele I- VIII, Lucăceşti, Romania, was the 2000th school to register in the Spring Day campaign. in 2010, Spring Day aims to encourage students and teachers to debate and know more about Europe, focusing on "European citizenship and fundamental rights".

"Taking part in Spring Day, for us, means getting to know other teachers, students and schools from across Europe. In line with the European Year of Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, our students are organising a Spring Day event where they will collect and donate toys to disadvantaged children" says Viuţa Dorca, teacher at Şcoala cu clasele I- VIII.

As of this week, the Spring Day portal invites schools to take part in activities and competitions. Ranging from biodiversity to climate change and European themes, the Spring Day activities and competitions are designed to suit different age groups and curricula, making learning a more involving and interactive process.

This year, Spring Day encourages all registered schools to put on a special event and share their experience with the SD community: the first 1000 schools to register their event on the portal will get a special kit!

Another highlight of the Spring Day campaign is the “Back to School” initiative, in which local, national and European politicians and experts pay a visit to their former school or to another one. All schools interested in receiving a guest can find relevant information on the website and contact the guest using a template letter.

Spring Day also features a rich section devoted to resources and material, where teachers are offered inspiration and support to prepare and complement their courses on EU topics.