Teachers' Guide

This guide provides basic information and technical details that should be noted by teachers who would like to involve their classes in online Activities, Competitions and Thematic Podcasts that are part of the Spring Day for Europe 2010 campaign.

Entry language
Submissions are possible in all national languages. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended (but not obligatory) that a translated description or summary in English, French or German should also be provided. Such a translated description will make entries accessible to all participating schools in all EU countries and will thus become a source of inspiration and possible interaction and exchange of information!

Entry submission
Entries must be submitted online using the appropriate submission forms.
Each entry must be accompanied by:
• a title (in English, French or German)
• an image representing the entry
• information regarding the school, teacher(s) and contributing students
Depending on the entry, other required information will be specified.

Entry format
Teachers in charge are strongly encouraged to check the required format for each activity, competition and thematic podcast to make sure that their submissions are in the right format!
Participants will be invited to submit entries in one of the following formats:
• text
• audio (podcast)
• visuals such as pictures or videos
• PowerPoint presentation
• quiz (open-source online tool suggestions are provided)
• WebQuest (template provided)

Text descriptions should be typed online (or copied and pasted from a Word document if the text was prepared beforehand) in the required field of the online submission form. They should not exceed one page (300 words).

Visual and audio technical aspects
Visuals (such as photographs or videos) and audios must be submitted in certain formats and sizes which are compatible with our system.

The system accepts the following file formats:
Photo - Format and size: jpg or gif. Size should not exceed 2,5 megabytes (2,5 MB)
Video- Format and size: wmv, mov or avi. Size should not exceed 25 megabytes (25 MB) with the window size 640 by 480 pix or 320 by 240 pix.
Audio - Format and size: mp3, wma, mov, wav. Size should not exceed 25 megabytes (25 MB) with the window size 640 by 480 pix or 320 by 240 pix.

If files are larger than the accepted size limit we recommend teachers and their students to reduce the size accordingly by using the appropriate software. They can also ask for help and guidance from the ICT teachers in their schools.
Movies or short video-clips can be compressed/optimised for the Web. In the case of a compressed video, we recommend that participants preserve the larger original file, which is needed if the authors win.
The participants must make sure that the size and format of the file accompanying the text of the entry comply with the requirements mentioned above. European Schoolnet cannot accept responsibility for lost, damaged or incorrectly resized files.

PowerPoint presentation
Presentations shall be prepared and submitted based on the template provided. Size should not exceed 2 megabytes (2 MB)

Quizzes might be built using the following on-line open source suggestion: http://hotpot.uvic.ca/index.php

To build a WebQuest, only the template provided should be used. Size should not exceed 10 megabytes (10 MB)

All tools such as the PowerPoint presentation and WebQuest templates can be found in the section “Resources” of the Spring Day website.

Submission deadline
The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2010. Any entries submitted after this date will not be considered.