Educational games and Phoenix game

Phoenix game

What if your culture would be destroyed and all artifacts burned? Play with Phoenix Video game and save the world of Pandora from the disaster. This multilingual online game is especially dedicated to students from 10 to 20 years old, with the purpose of raising their awareness on common cultural heritage and values.Read more

Educational games

Designed for primary and secondary schools, the educational games explore EU institutions, integration, citizenship and treaties.Read more

Decision-making in the European Union

How are decisions taken at European level? Find out more by playing with our modulesRead more

European Inventions and Inventors Quiz

This quiz is intended to help students know more about famous European inventors.Read more

Euro Coins Game

This is an educational game in which students match the Euro coins with the country of origin.Read more

Spring Day Board Game

This board game is designed to extend and enhance students’ knowledge of the European Union as well as to motivate them to work in groups and to improve their communication skills in a second language.Read more