Visit a school with Spring Day

“Back to school” is a key Spring Day activity where local, regional, national and European public figures visit one or more schools across Europe. Spring Day for Europe provides an online platform, as well as various channels to facilitate the arrangement, coordination, recognition and visibility of visits. “Back to school” is an opportunity for both students and guests to discuss European institutions, Citizenship and Fundamental Rights, and other current European topics.

Who can take part?
• Local, regional, national, or European representatives.
• Cultural, social and European ambassadors, such as: Artists, writers, photographers, people engaged in social and cooperative projects or involved in the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, students and teachers who have been involved in European educational projects, training programmes, and other relevant experiences.

How does it work?
Guests who are eager to visit a school can contact the Spring Day team ( According to their preferences and availability, they will be assisted at all stages of the process to find a suitable school or to contact their former one.

Back to School online tool
Spring Day also offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing any guest to register and manage their visit. The online tool allows guests to:
• Edit a personal profile, adding information such as their name and title
• Identify and contact a school, searching by country and region among all the Spring Day registered schools
• Confirm availability for a meeting
• Download a certificate of participation

Why going “Back to School” with Spring Day?
Beyond the coordination of this initiative, Spring Day assures visibility to all the visits, displaying them on an interactive map and gathering feedback from the schools involved. Spring Day adds a European dimension to events and guarantees an official recognition for the guests involved in this experience. We recommend potential guests to keep us informed about their intention to visit a school so that we may publish this information on our website.

When and where?
Preferably from 22 March to 30 June 2010. The visits can take place at school or at other local facilities.